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"Customer Satisfaction Achieved Safely"

The management  of Construx, Inc. considers no phase of operation or administration as being of greater importance than accident prevention.  Given that recognition the adoped philosophy is that accident  prevention shall demand the same executive commitment, direction, and control given to production and customer service.

It is, therefore, the responsibility of all employees to adhere to the safety policies, procedures and rules outlined in our company safety manual, following operating practices that safeguard all employees and result in safe and healthful working conditions and efficient operation.

Our continuing goal of zero accidents can only be reached by a one hundred percent safety first commitment by one hundred percent of the employees.  It is expected that employees will notify management of any unsafe practices so that they may be promptly rectified.

Our commitment and your cooperation will ensure a healthy work place for all.  So, please remember that no job is ever to be considered so important that the health and safety of any employee needs to be jepordized.

 Brian Young, President


Safety Education & Training

A. Written training plan at the beginning of the year - YES

B. Written new employee orientation training checklist, signed and dated by employee and responsible supervisor - YES

C. Tool Box Talk or equivalent to be held weekly - YES

D. Bi-Monthly training conducted - YES, foreman's meetings

E. Formal training on any ergonomic issues - YES, lifting

F. New job hazard training for all affected employees - YES, at pre-job meeting

G. Training for 2015

  1. OSHA 10 hour for all employees that do not have a current card
  2. Fall Protection Training specific to steel erection
  3. Rigging Training
  4. First Aid
  5. Electrical

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