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Aluminum Composite Material and Insulated Wall Panels


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Construx, Inc.has been contracted to supply and install Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) Panels and Insulated Wall Panels for a variety of applications. Projects include commercial buildings, multi-tenant buildings, government and municipal buildings. Due to the nature of their diversity, ACM and Insulated Wall Panels are a desirable choice of clients for an array of buildings projects. Following are examples of ACM and Insulated Wall Panel projects Construx, Inc. has proven itself a favorable collaborator for an accomplished enterprise.  

Premier Coach

Milton, VT

Premier Coach is the leader in affordable luxury charter motor coach transportation, promising the very finest experience. The company delivers the latest technology, safest equipment, the most professional drivers, and holds consumer safety in the highest regard. The newest facility, pictured above, includes 15,000 square feet of Metl-Span ® CF42 Striated insulated wall panels. These panels are an attractive and economical alternative to typical flat wall panels. The exterior face is lightly profiled with narrow longitudinal striations to a nominal 1/32-inch depth and exhibits a virtual flat appearance from a short distance away. The CF Striated wall panel is an exceptional value combining the aesthetics of a flat wall panel and high insulation values of a urethane core. Rigid urethane insulation has one of the lowest thermal conductivity ratings; consequently, the retention of heat is more efficient facilitating the effective maintenance of a temperature controlled environment. Additionally, the facility includes 2,000 square feet of Laminators ® Omega-Lite composite panels. These panels feature a corrugated, polyallomer core for the highest strength to weight ratio of any competitive ACM panel. Painted aluminum sheets cover a black, plastic, water-resistant core. The panels are non-absorbent and water-resistant; therefore, they do not rot, swell, corrode, or delaminate. These panels provide a highly decorative, easy to maintain, and very durable surface finish for exterior wall cladding applications. Two-piece snap fit molding snaps into place covering fastener heads and caulk beads. All molding bases can be attached to a wall surface prior to panel placement, compared to other systems that require installation of molding for one panel at a time. Two-piece moldings are easily combined with other systems to provide a variety of design options. The Premier Coach buildings striated wall panels are a ‘Hemlock Green’ color, the composite panels are a ‘Sandstone’ color.

Charlebois Trucking

Milton, VT

Founder of Premier Coach, Randal Charlebois, contracted Construx, Inc. at R.R. Charlebois, Inc.’s new facility in Milton, VT as well. R.R. Charlebois, Inc. is and Authorized Freightliner Dealer and has been in the commercial truck business for many decades. The company offers top quality, reliable parts and service support for Sterling ® trucks all day, every day. The new facility includes 20,000 square feet of Metl-Span ® CF42 Striated insulated wall panels, 5,000 square feet of Laminators ® Omega-Lite composite panels, and two-piece snap fit molding with the ‘Hemlock Green’ and ‘Sandstone’ colors identical to the Premier Coach building. See the aforementioned for a complete description. 

Greenlands Office Complex

Concord, NH 

The Greenlands Office Complex building, Weston Solutions Northeast Regional Headquarters, is a LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certified sustainable building. The building includes 3,000 square feet of Metl-Span® CF42 Striated insulated wall panels with and ‘Architectural Flat’ profile installed horizontally. The Architectural Flat profile is ideal for high-profile architectural applications. Metl-Span® foamed-in-place technology offers the most thermally efficient panel available today; this technology provides a continuous thermal barrier for maximum thermal efficiency. There are no areas where the insulation is compressed or thermal bridges are created. The design protects sealant from the harmful effects of extreme weather conditions. Trimless ends complement the high profile appearance of horizontally installed panels and create virtually limitless building design options. The panels are a ‘Silver Metallic’ color.

Burlington Courtyard Marriott

Burlington, VT


Burlington’s newest hotel is located two blocks from Lake Champlain, is artfully designed and eco-friendly. The building includes 1,000 square feet of Atas® Opaline Panels, structural panels that can be installed on open framing and can be applied to a solid substrate as well. This type of panel installs as a basic tongue and groove system with mechanical fasteners. Wide concealed fasteners in a ‘Dove Gray’ were chosen for this application. In addition, the project includes 3,500 square feet of McElroy® Multi-Rib Panels, exposed fastener multi-use wall panels. ‘Ash Gray’ is the color the chosen for the application of these panels.

Portsmouth Fire Station #2

Portsmouth, NH

The Portsmouth Fire Station #2, located on Lafayette Road, has been recognized with the 2010 Station Style Design Award in the Fire Chief Magazine and is New Hampshire’s first LEED®-Certified station. The building includes 6,000 square feet of Atas® Design Wall Panels, a structural panel with optional Louvered style venting. The horizontally installed wide concealed fastener panels form architectural shadow lines; the color chosen for this application is ‘Dove Gray’.


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