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August 2011



Multi-Tenant Buildings

Multi-Tenant Building tenants range from non-profit companies to government agencies and offer significant value for all. With quality project design, efficient construction and operations, benefits of multi-tenant buildings will be realized and shared among owners and tenants. Owner and tenant incentives include financial benefits associated with lower operating expenses such as larger energy savings. Multi-Tenant buildings reduce the total cost of occupancy for tenants while increasing the net operating income and return on investment for the building owner. Multi-Tenant buildings decrease developer/owner costs and risks associated with vacancy, decrease building obsolescence, increase retail sales and offer a competitive advantage of significant savings as well as powerful leverage in the market. The value of work that is conducted within a multi-tenant building far outstrips the cost of operating the building. Incurring a similar initial investment versus a single-tenant building, owners of multi-tenant buildings see a higher return on investment sooner, reduce negative environmental impact, and will be able to offer a more cost-competitive product to the most tenants. Multi-Tenant building construction makes good business sense in the short and long term. 

Going Green

There is a rapidly growing green building movement re-envisioning the built environment. Multi-Tenant buildings are well suited for green energy. As energy costs rise, green buildings will become more attractive due to their energy efficiency, many new businesses look for green buildings to move into. Older buildings can go green, existing structures can retrofit by integrating new energy technologies.

Construx, Inc. offers experience, commitment and quality craftsmanship for all of your Multi-Tenant Building needs including plans, repair, maintenance, siding, roofing, and much more.

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